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is uniquely able to deliver information technology solution because of our services is business strategist. By combining business understanding and technical depth, we have the capability to envision and implement creative solutions that meet our clients' objectives....

Major Total Quality Principles
Focus On The Client’s Need
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Portal Developments

Complaint Centre Management

Information Technologies Training


User Friendly

ProHub is a system developed for the use of Syarikat Juru Nilai
to search data via online based on data obtained from Jabatan Penilaian & Perkhidmatan Harta (JPPH).

Upload Data

In addition, users can also manage the existing data inside system for editing, displaying some of the desired data and exporting data into Excel and PDF format.

Job Book Ren

ProHub is a combination of systematically managing data for search, data display,data indication and upload data from JPPH.

e-Search Data

In the system, users can search more easily and systematic in relation to Region, Address, Seller, Buyer, Property Type, Price and others. 


GIS Fieldwork

We provide services includes fieldwork and GIS system integration.


Geographical Information System (GIS) staffs go to the site for the verification.

Data Integration

Al data collected will be upload and process into the system for reporting.

Data Collection

Data will be collected and transform into the GIS software.

Technician Team

Fieldwork consists of technicians and works in every teams.


Technicians will go to the site and start tagging based on the predetermined flow of the management.

Tagging Process

By the use Trimble TDC100 Modem, technicians will start tagging in every locations before data collected and processed.